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DIY: How To Easily Depot NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils

Hello my lovely readers today i a gonna tell u how to depot the nyx jumbo pencil.its the faster and easy way to depotit.this process takes only 15 mints 🙂
Reasons Why i waned to depot the pencil:
* When u sharpen it u waste alot of product
* in the stick they are bit chalky

How To Easily Depot NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils

Things ur gonna need :
an empty container
the jimbo pencl
a mug

 remove the back cover of pencil.
put the pencil in the pot
 then acrefully put the pot in mug

 Step 4: between and repeat until product is fully melted into the jar.

*Caution: product can get extremely hot, wait a few minutes before checking on it.

set the pencil in the pot by using small spoon’s back side

And u r done.i think they looks s cute iin the small pots 🙂
Have u ever done something lke this??
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